Scientific schools

  • Scientific School of Otology (research adviser – Prof. Oleg Khorov).
  • Scientific School of Surgery (research adviser – Prof. Petr Harelik).
  • Scientific School of Hepatology (research adviser – Prof. Vladimir Tsyrkunov).
  • Scientific School on Biomedical Study of Alcohol Addiction (research adviser – Prof. Siarhei Zimatkin).
  • Scientific School on Clinical and Theoretical Respiration Physiology (research adviser – Prof. Victor Zinchuk).
  • Scientific School of Clinical Surgery (research adviser – Prof. Mikalai Batvinkou).
  • Bone Tissue Transplantation School (research adviser – Prof. Stanislav Boltrukevich).
  • Scientific School on Miscarriage Treatment and Prevention (research adviser – Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Egorova).
  • Scientific School of Medical Rehabilitation (research adviser – Prof. Larisa Pirogova).
  • Scientific School of Cardiology (research adviser – Prof. Mikhail Lis).
  • Scientific School of Phthisiology (research adviser – Prof. Ilya Gelberg).


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80 ul. Gorkogo, Grodno 230009, Belarus
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» Our guests and visits
The visit of Manodj Bharti, the Ambassador of India, to Grodno State Medical University
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Our alumni with their diplomas